Rono Matamoros is a one of the deuteragonists in JJBA: Donati and Rono's World Tour. He is known for being a cow herder in Italy and, along with Donati, is forced to give the stand arrow to President John Adams before the Seven Seas gang gets to it first.

Appearence Edit

Rono has long brown hair, a blue undershirt, and a yellow jacket.


“The reason I'm so determined to live is not only that I'm afraid to die, but I wanna see the look on the fucker's face that tried to kill me turn from a smirk to a face of pure agony and despair.”
Rono is an egotistical, tough, and quick witted Italian who, when pushed to his mental limit, is ab unpredictable wildcard that thinks fast on his feet. Rono is a pretty calm, and is able to think straight even when aggravated. He's very annoying when he tries to be a wise guy, which happens very often. He is accused of being self-centered, when deep down he truly cares about his friends. Rono isn't one to talk to people that aren't his friends, as he is a pretty anti-social person. He cares about his life a lot and is scared of dying, as shown on numerous occasions throughout the series.

Rono is also terrible at math.

Relationships Edit

As previously mentioned, Rono is anti-social. Most of his relationships with people start off negative, but soon turn around once they get to know each other.

Allies Edit

Donati Perachino: Being his greatest ally, Rono has been friends with Donati since they were small children. They both own a cow farm, which was passed down to them by Franco Perachino, and get along really well. They do however bicker about pointless things from time to time.

Nico Ingenuo: I'll type this in later lol.

Franco Zappa Perachino: Rono has a pretty positive relationship with Franco, since he gave him his only job.

Enemies Edit

Alfonzo "The Milkman" Perdenté: Though they were once close friends, Alfonzo quickly became Rono's biggest enemy when he tried to kill him. Rono and Alfonzo used to be good friends when Alfonzo picked up milk from the farm. Alfonzo was soon paid by the Seven Seas to kill Rono, and Alfonzo took the money. Rono killed Alfonzo during his assassination mission out of anger.

Abilities and Powers Edit

Rono's only "superpower" is his stand, Lucky Star. Lucky Star has three acts, One being a comet whip, the other being a small star, and the third being a muscular stand with a star for a face.

History Edit

Backstory Edit

In elementary school, Rono was always seen a the tough kid. He would threaten kids who didn't respect him, and put himself first over everyone he knew.

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