These are all the minor characters that appear in Donati and Rono's World Tour, in order of appearance.

Pat the Dog Edit

Pat the Dog was Domingo's pet komondor primarily shown in the first three chapters of Donati and Rono's World Tour.

Pat is Donati's dog and childhood best friend. He has very little personality, and very little scenes with him in it. Donati claims he is the same size of a human when talking about it with Ana Bella. Pat the Dog is shown at the end of the series, when Donati returns to the barn after the World Tour.

Ben and Jerry Edit

Ben and Jerry are two horses that live in Donati and Rono's farm at the beginning of Chapter 1 and at the end of Chapter 2.

They have no plot purpose, as they are merely cows. However, in small banter between Rono and Alfonzo, Rono stated that Ben and Jerry were his favorite cows in the barn. Though they aren't shown in the final chapter, it is implied that they are alive Donati and Rono come back to the farm.

Stefano Edit

Stefano Adiposo is a market vendor in Bari, Italy that gives Donati cow feed in the first chapter of Donati and Rono's World Tour.

Stefano appears to be a rotund but nice man, as Rono refers to him as the Gentle Giant. Stefano shows up again in the last chapter, pouring water at Donati and Ana Bella's date.

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