Little Red Corvette, often shortened to LRC, is the stand of Donati Perachino featured in Donati and Rono's World Tour.

Appearance Edit

Little Red Corvette is has a red head and body, and has arms and legs made up of pebble-like cells. It has a yellow wavy line splitting down the center of the stand and two devil horns atop its head.

Personality Edit

Little Red Corvette has no personality of its own, and nearly mimics everything the user tells it to do.

Abilities Edit

Little Red Corvette could be considered the swiss army knife of stands, as it has a handful of interesting and useful abilities.

Limb Bizkit: LRC can replace any limb of his body, such as arms or legs, with other physical objects for a brief period of time. For example, he can replace his feet with wheels, or replace his head with a basketball.

Napalm Death: The stand can launch its arms and legs at up to 50 meters to hit far away targets. This technique can also be used to strategically dodge incoming bullets and/or punches. Once the limb hits its target, it attaches right back to the stands body.

Cell Therapy: LRC can create holes in itself to allow punches or bullets to go through its body. It does this by eliminating its own body cells for a very brief period of time.

Half the World Away: The most notable ability of Little Red Corvette, however, is its Half the World Away ability. With it, LRC can split itself into two weaker versions of itself, with each version only having half of its body. The ability is incredibly useful for sneak attacks.


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