This is a list of chapters in Donati and Rono's World Tour.

Volume 0: The ProlougeEdit

Chapter 1: Get the Cow Feed, Donati!!

Chapter 2: Watch for the Milkman, Rono!!

Volume 1: Road to RomeEdit

Chapter 3: Night of Sergio's Superstition

Chapter 4: The House of Misery

Chapter 5: A Nice Day for a White Wedding (Part 1)

Chapter 6: Caught with Guns and Roses

Chapter 7: A Nice Day for a White Wedding (Part 2)

Volume 2: Path to GermanyEdit

Chapter 8: Finder Seeker

Chapter 9: From Head to Toe

Chapter 10: Throw it Back to You

Chapter 11: I'm the Operator 

Chapter 12: Red, Gold, and Green

Chapter 13: Only God Knows

Volume 3: Road to Russia Edit

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