Albert Wisaad is a major ally and side protagonist in Donati and Rono's World Tour.

He wields the stand Karma Chemeleon and joins the DR Group to help defeat Captain Red Dead and the Seven Deadly Seas. He is under-educated, fast, loud, short, and violent.

Appearence Edit

Albert has short curly hair, a chubby form, and short height. He wears an orange shirt, green pants, red gloves, and shiny gold-colored shoes. He later sports a dark orange headband. He is very self-conscious on how he looks, and threatens people who make fun of him for it.

Personality Edit

"If I can't kill you with the fire I started, I'm just gonna have to make the fire bigger."
Albert's main and most prominent trait is his very violent personality and angry temper. His attitude is apparent when people make fun of him for his chubbiness or short height compared to the rest of the group (specifically Rono or Jantos). When fighting other stand users, it sometimes also causes his downfall, as his enemies take advantage of his anger. His anger also makes him use his Karma Chameleon's steel-piercing tongue more often then its item cloaking ability.

This isn't particularly a bad trait, Albert uses his violent and unpredictable temper to his advantage when going up against an opponent or when he is trying to trick people into doing what he wants. He is very direct and doesn't plan many of the things he does, making him unpredictable, which catches most of his enemies by surprise.

Since his parents were blacksmiths, Albert didn't receive education past elementary school, making him a particularly unsharpened tool in the shed. However, Albert's looks, temper, stand, and unpredictability makes him a valuable asset in taking down the Seven Deadly Seas.

Relationships Edit

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